Taste of Cinema

So a few weeks ago I thought I’d take a crack at writing for Taste of Cinema. Low and behold, they accepted my first Top Ten Film List. Ten Most Beautiful Films. While these dont reflect my personal tastes, this I hope gives a good cross section with something in there that we may all […]

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Well, after a few months or tireless submissions of short stories, articles and poems, I finally recieved my first acceptance letter for a short flash fiction. My short, short story ‘Alpha-Sidhe Space Opera’ is due to be published in Antipodean SF issue 231 in October! I will also be recording the audio version for their […]

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Shooting on Film

Some notes on my experieces (circa 2004) on the pros and cons of shooting on celluloid instead of digitally or on tape.   It is important to note that while I had made a lot of short films up until ‘cogito’, literally dozens of them, as well as music videos and documentaries and all manner […]

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Currently in the process of quering my first novel while finishing a second. I have over 25 submissions in various queues for various markets including scifi and literary short stories, non-fiction, flash fiction etc. This list is growing all the time. Presently editing my first non-fiction book.    

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