Worst Movie Franchises

Generally made to milk a concept, character or genre, movie sequels have never been especially renowned for their artistic integrity. In the case of movies with more than one sequel, these often mammoth series of spin offs and money grinders—series which can last decades in some cases—are all too often perfect examples of the law of diminishing returns. Both artistically as well as financially for their investors.

In this list we will explore the very worst offenders. The franchises listed below may have started off well (at least some of them), but in all cases devolved, with each successive iteration, more and more ridiculous plots, trope-ridden cliché extravaganzas, which ultimately became caricatures of themselves; each appealing to a lower and lower common denominator.

As always, it must be said that opinions differ on all matters of cinema so if you find yourself disagreeing or upset that your favorite franchise is under attack, take comfort knowing that your pet movie franchise made at least enough money to even get a sequel. And then, somehow, another sequel. This being said, it must always be kept in mind that “popular” does not equal good.


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