Most Dangerous Films List


Since the inception of art and literature, there have been works produced that have, for one reason or another, been labelled “dangerous”. In this list we attempt to bring together ten diverse films from different eras and places, from the humble beginnings of feature length cinema, right through to the near-present.

Films that have brought controversy, expulsion, political tension, mental trauma and even injury to their audiences, sensors, cast and crew. While some of these films are obviously revolting or difficult to watch, some of them are a little more subtle and require some context and thought to fully appreciate why they were considered “dangerous” in the context of their production and release.

As with any list of ten films, there is no doubt that this list will not please every one. There are of course other dangerous films. The objective here is to bring together a wide cross section and variety of films that have been deemed dangerous for a variety of reasons.


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